Shandong Beiqi Hai Hua Automobile Parts Co., Ltd.

About Us

Shandong Beiqi Hai Hua Automobile Parts Co., Ltd. is located in Boshan District of Zibo City, Shandong Province, the predecessor is the Shandong Haihua Auto Parts Co., Ltd., 2015 August 26, the overall change in Shandong Beiqi Haihua Auto Parts Co., Ltd., in January 2016 "the new Sanban" listing. The company is Beiqi group shareholding enterprises, is the production base of Beijing Automotive Group Automotive suspension. Existing staff of more than 400 people, the registered capital of 54 million yuan, covers an area of 150 acres. Holding company, a subsidiary of Beijing Beiqi Xinghua Automobile Spring Co., Ltd. located in Shunyi District of Beijing City, was founded in April 2007, the registered capital of 100 million yuan, main business of automobile steel plate spring, air suspension product design, manufacturing, sales.

Company specializing in automotive steel plate spring, air suspension and other auto parts design, manufacturing, sales. Leading products of automotive steel plate spring, covering the mini car, light truck, medium truck, heavy truck with steel plate spring. Products are mainly supporting Beiqi Futian company, China Heavy Truck Group, Shaanxi heavy duty automobile group, Shanxi Dayun, domestic large automobile enterprise groups. Especially with Foton company established strategic cooperative relations, become Foton company's main supplier of Futian and new product development designated partners, with Beiqi Foton Daimler company more than 60% of the matching supply share. Existing steel plate spring 7 production lines, with an annual capacity of 8 million tons, of which lightweight variable cross-section leaf spring production line 3, with an annual output capacity of 3 million tons. Air suspension production line 1, with an annual output capacity of 3000 sets. Now the "President of the Zibo chamber of Commerce spring unit".

In 2013, the company was recognized as the national high-tech enterprise, Zibo science and technology innovation top 500 enterprises". In 2013 the company laboratory through the Beiqi Futian Technology Center Certification Center certification audit obtained the certificate, was identified as "Foton Daimler Key Laboratory of sub contracting party". In 2015 the company municipal technology center was identified for the enterprise technology center of Shandong Province, Zibo City consists of lightweight high performance car hanging pendant Engineering Technology Research Center, Zibo City Auto damping and elastic components engineering laboratory and other research institutions. Shandong University of Technology, Beijing Institute of Technology, established a cooperative relationship, sharing research and development and testing resources. Company in January 2013 through the ISO/TS16949 quality management system certification, and in December 2015 once again through the certification.

The company has a high-quality R & D team. Is the national spring Standardization Committee unit, the automobile suspension Industry Association unit, has the national spring Standard Committee member. Participate in the development of ISO18137 "steel plate spring technical requirements and test methods" international standards and GB/T19844 "steel plate spring" national standard. Company in the field of leaf spring with the domestic leading technology level, the application and authorized patents 22, 13 effective patents, of which 5 patents, utility model patents 8. Two scientific and technological achievements reached the leading domestic level.

Planning for the company's future, one is based spring products to do fine, designed to do, in the same industry leading; second is the introduction of international advanced technology, involved in passenger car parts R & D and production;

Companies adhering to the "steady refinement, innovation and development", concentrate, focus, professional, "business philosophy, to quality and high price and constantly open up the domestic market, is committed to meticulously build automotive brand, and constantly strive for excellence, for customers to provide cost-effective products and make unremitting efforts!