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The target 2016 cars in 2016 Mr Fukuda

"In 2016, Foton will ensure that 740 thousand vehicles, 840 thousand vehicles challenge."

In January 9, 2016, Futian Automobile Group & Foton Daimler Automotive business in 2016 years will be held in Guangzhou. The meeting, executive deputy general manager Wang Xiangyin summed up the Futian Futian Automobile Group 2015 sales performance, and put forward the strategic target of 2016 - 2018.

The proportion of high-end products rose sharply Auman GTL accounted for more than 50%

The first commercial vehicle network learned, 2015, Futian Automobile sold a total of 480 thousand vehicles. Among them, the proportion of high-end products from 26 percent in 2014 increased to 44%, the market share reached 17.2%, continue to won the first commercial vehicle sales in China.

Brand, 2015, Foton Auman total sales of 6.2 million vehicles, down 35% year-on-year, but Auman GTL accounted for the proportion of sales improves the 3.6 times, accounted for more than 50%, the subdivision market possession rate has reached 16.7%. In 2015, sales of 25 thousand Omar, achieved more than 30% growth.

Light commercial vehicles, completed in 2015 115 thousand vehicles (including overseas sales). Among them, aoling light truck sales of 7.8 million units, an increase of 2.2%; driven by the implementation of the State IV emission, aoling CTX growth of 30.3%, aoling TX year-on-year increase of 39.2%, the proportion of sales of the two reached 83%. Business car total sales of 3.7 million, figure Jarno, scenic G7, mengpaike e (new product) monthly sales exceeded 500 cars, the adjustment of product structure achievements have been made, the proportion of high-end products from 35.3% up to 63%.

Passenger cars, passenger cars in Europe Hui in 2015 sales exceeded 8000, an increase of more than 35%. The new energy passenger car sales of 3342, the proportion of sales increased more than 40%.

The 2016 target of 740 thousand units within three years the proportion of super truck will have a breakthrough

In 2016, the overall situation is still not optimistic about the commercial vehicle. In the new normal, the market is full of challenges.

In this environment, 2016, Futian Automobile will through stable business advantages, expand new business, to the high-end market transformation strategy, achieve sales target of "ensure 740000, challenge 84 million"; at the same time, in 2017-2018 maintain annual sales growth of 24 million, in 2018 reached 132 million target.

Specifically, the 2016 target 92 thousand vehicles auman. Among them, Auman GTL products accounted for the proportion of sales will further enhance, to 2018 reached 64%; super truck Auman will also occupy a important position.

Two other involving super truck project brand, Omar and aoling, 2016 annual sales goal respectively 3.8 million vehicles and 9.05 million; at the same time, within three years, two super truck product promotion proportion will also have substantial breakthrough.

With scenic G9 business transport version, Tuyanuo s automatic new product release, 2016 Foton Motor of automobile business also put forward target of 3.8 million units in sales.

The bus, in 2016, Fukuda Oki's goal is to more than 10 thousand vehicles, including new energy passenger car sales accounted for 5000. With the accession to the business environment of the equipment, in the next five years, Fukuda Oki plans to break the annual sales of 32 thousand vehicles, including 20 thousand cars, car products, environmental products and equipment 12 thousand car.

The new power to achieve the goal to help the Futian

It can be said that the automobile Futian target weighty. And support the "component" of the sales target, is facing many Futian Automobile Business during the annual meeting of the launch of the high-end market of new products.

Wangxiangyin said. "45" period, Futian Automobile will adhere to the go high-end route, by the end of the 45, Futian commercial vehicle in the high-end products accounted for ratio will reach more than 90%.

Among them, the "super truck" as the next ten years to Futian investment project, will play an important role in the future several years of sales. It is understood that the Futian "super truck" plans to cover a can of heavy Fukuda, medium and light truck products, involving Auman, Omar, aoling three brand series. Compared with the traditional truck, "super truck" to meet the development trend of logistics, energy saving, intelligent transportation, efficiency three aspects will be greatly improved. Through continuous development, Futian "super truck" in 2025 will reach the engine fuel consumption was reduced by 30% or 30% pure electric, reducing carbon emissions or zero emissions, transport efficiency increased by 70% of the target.

Not only that, along with the upgrading of emissions in advance, Futian Omar also released in January 10th five in the new power. This will lay the foundation for its development in the future of the market.

Light commercial vehicle, Fukuda automobile business released the latest Tuyanuo s automatic, scenic G9 business transport version, scenic G7 top axis models such as the new. It is understood that the landscape of G9 is carried out in mengpaike S on the basis of the upgrade, its future will replace mengpaike S.

At the same time with the debut scenic G9 fuel vehicles, there are scenic G9 and Jarno electric vehicles. 2015, light electric vehicle market is unusually hot, bulk single abound, degree of market fiery even reached dealers moving hand car snatching the point; in addition, Beijing also launched a logistics pure electric vehicle demonstration projects. By 2015, the government continued to promote the heat from the subsidy policy efforts in terms of 2016, pure electric light vehicles will also have a good performance.

In addition, adding OUHUI environmental equipment business, gamma transit IX series of new products available, will also Futian Automobile sales performance in 2016 adds a fire.