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Fukuda Oki "45" layout of the new energy bus

On September 1, Futian Automobile Group & Foton Daimler car in Guangzhou issued a blueprint for the new Fukuda Oki "45" brand strategy. Fukuda Oki will focus on "brand promotion, business upgrading, product upgrading, service upgrade, in the field of new energy bus smitten, in three major aspects of business, products, service upgrades in the round, to achieve comprehensive transformation of the Ou Hui brand.

Futian Automobile Group Vice President, Ou Hui bus division general manager Fan Xianjun said Fukuda Oki "45" brand strategy to upgrade mainly focus on the development thinking of green, low-carbon, recycling, to create green products matrix. Fukuda Oki will focus on promoting the two new energy business, ohui bus business and OUHUI equipment business environment. Which new product brand, "Ou Hui environmental equipment comprehensive introduction Daimler lean manufacturing technology and process equipment, in technology, purchasing, production, quality, and other aspects, take advantage of the integration of science and technology to create sanitation equipment integration value and layout of environmental sanitation vehicle, environmental equipment.

Reporter was informed that, during the period of 45, Fukuda Oki independent innovation, research and development of new energy technology, the latest achievements and the comprehensive application Yu Futian Ou Hui bus, Fukuda Europe Hui environmental equipment two major product brands under 463 product, complete the optimization and upgrading of Futian Ou Huiquan series products. At the same time, during the period of 2016~2020, the Fukuda Oki plan has launched 50~60 new generation of new energy bus products, 30~40 new environmental equipment products. In the next five years, Fukuda Oki will actively cooperate with the national 89 new energy demonstration city to create a project, from the breakthrough point line gradually to the market promotion of new energy products, and strive to 2020, year passenger car sales have exceeded 3.2 million.

To 2020, ohui bus 4800 vehicles and environmental equipment business breakthrough in overseas market sales accounted for more than 15% of total sales. The 2015 data show that, ohui bus signed new energy orders of 4259 units (orders accounted for 49.3%), the plug-in program increased 1160 hybrid vehicles, pure electric vehicles (3099 EV accounted for 72.8%).